What do you know about Return of Premium Life Insurance

08.02.22 10:46 AM By Ganesh

What do you know about Return of Premium Life Insurance

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“If you don’t die, you will get all your premiums back”- yes you heard it right!

If you choose term life insurance policy to secure your family financially for the future uncertainty, you are good to go! Return of premium life insurance is a term life insurance options where the policyholders receives all the premiums back if they don't die till the term end.
We know it breaks your heart to pay some amounts to a third party every month and that is too for the time period of 10, 20 or 30 years. Fortunately, you got the ROP life insurance that ensures if you don't leave the world; your payments get back to you. But remember not every insurance agency is providing this feature.
Therefore, selecting a right life insurance company Pearland is an important but difficult task. Don’t worry we can help you! Request a free quote today!
It sounds like WOW when you plan to secure your family future with the best term life insurance policies that ensures guaranteed death payout when you pass away. But have you ever imagined that you can get some paid premiums back at the end of term policy when you don’t die? You can enjoy death payout as well as returns of premiums life insurance here at Pearland Life Insurance agency. Contact us!
We have covered some benefits in the bullet points here;

Premiums that are returned exempted from the tax.

If you have not lapse any premium, you can get all your premiums back if you outlive the policy.

Everything comes with some advantage and few disadvantages, so if you are thinking that return of premium life insurance does not have any downside? You are wrong!

Return of premiums in term life insurance policy is usually involves high monthly premiums than normal term life insurance.

If there are lapse, you will not get any refund.

No interest rates on return of premiums.

Not every company offers this term policy.

Is return of premium life insurance a right option for me?
If you are attracted with the premiums return, you need to question yourself: Are you able to pay high monthly premiums? If so, you have to think about what else a return of premiums life insurance is giving you? The main of aim of buying Pearland life insurance plans is to protect your loved ones with the death benefits and other coverage. When you hire life insurance agent to buy return of premiums term life insurance, you are welcoming an extra bells to your life insurance for paying higher premiums.
Practically return of premiums term life insurance works same as universal life insurance or whole life insurance. It totally depends on you what you want to get from your life insurance policy – Cash value or premium returns in the future?
To get help from the insurance pro, you can visit us! We can help you pick the best term life insurance for your family keeping in mind all the aspects